A great product is great from the beginning.

Our team can help you develop a scalable MVP for your new business idea. With our software development knowledge and experience, we can help you create a solid foundation for your business.






London, Ontario

Our Services

Web Application

Dashboard, SaaS, Marketplace, E-commerce, Calendar and more.

Mobile Application

Messaging, Notification, Maps, Photos & Camera and more.

Backend Development

API, Auth & SSO, Database, Media Storage, Hosting and more.

We’re constantly learning and researching new technology to aid our development. 👍

Our Work

Timesheet Application

A web and mobile application to track employee working hours and simplify administrative work.

Web Application, Mobile Application, Timesheet, Admin, Employee Management

Grocery Delivery Platform

A responsive web application to handle customer delivery orders and admin functionality.

Web Application, Mobile Responsive Design, E-commerce, Online Shopping, Delivery

Clean Code

Maintaining clean and organized code is essential for a scalable and long-lasting product. Writing maintainable code helps avoid errors and simplifies future development. Prioritizing maintainability from the outset ensures a strong foundation for scalability.


We understand the importance of effective communication to ensure that we fully comprehend your requirements and build products that align with your needs. By establishing clear lines of communication and actively engaging with you, we believe we can better understand your business goals and deliver solutions that make sense for your customers.


Our development approach leverages cutting-edge software technologies such as React, React Native, Next.js, and Amazon Web Services, which have been thoroughly validated by major industry players. By employing these technologies, we ensure that the products we build are of the highest quality and future-proof, equipped to handle evolving business needs and market demands.

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David Kim

Co-founder & CEO